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Canine Respiratory Illness

We understand the fear and uncertainty surrounding the recent media attention in regards to canine respiratory related illnesses. We are just as concerned for the safety of the dogs and were grateful to get facts from some of the nations leading experts. Trupanion hosted ‘Separating Fact, Fiction & Uncertainty - Canine Respiratory Q&A’ on November 30, 2023, we encourage anyone wanting to learn more to check it out.


Steps Dogwood is taking to keep your dog safe:

  • Dogs exhibiting any respiratory symptoms (coughing, sneezing, mucus discharge) are not allowed at Day Stay or Play Park.

  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated.

  • These protocols have been the Dogwood standard from day one. As such, we’ve never had a kennel cough or influenza outbreak at our facility.

Our take away notes:

  • There are no zero risk situations. Vaccinated, healthy dogs are considered to be low risk.

  • Senior dogs, immune compromised, unhealthy and/or flat faced breeds are considered most at risk.

  • All areas of Washington are seeing normal levels of disease. (Maps are included the Trupanion presentation.)

  • Continual data tracking will show if there are changes over the coming months.

  • Some states are already showing a reduction of cases, such as Colorado.

  • It’s unknown if the affected dogs are vaccinated or non-vaccinated or if the uptick is related to lack of vaccination.

  • Numbers may be inflated due to media outreach. Ex. Dogs that may have been mildly sick or were previously diagnosed with a chronic condition are going to vet clinics out of fear that it could be something worse.

  • There are more dogs. Many of these dogs have had less exposure to other dogs during the pandemic. In addition, less dogs have been vaccinated, often due to being at home and less social.

  • Each year there are steady up/down swings. We are in an upswing now.

  • This seems to be the typical mix of viruses including influenza and bordetella, but they are not certain.

  • 1-2% of cases are resulting in serious severity.

We will continue to update our page as information is available.

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