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Birthday / Gotcha Day


Human & Dog Birthdays are the best at Dogwood!

  • Spin the Dogwood Prize Wheel

Every year on your dog's birthday or gotcha day the humans get to spin the Dogwood Prize Wheel to win gift cards, toys and all kinds of other awesome stuff!

Order a specialty cake from The Seattle Barkery to literally blow your dog's mind! Cake delivery to Dogwood every Saturday.

  • Private party details:

    • Private event bookings available:

      • Fri 7-9pm, Sat 4-7pm and Sun 12-6pm

(email us to see if your day is available)

  • Non-member rental $75/hour plus tax.

  • Member rental $50/hour plus tax. Must be active

              at time of booking.

  • Invite up to 30 humans and 20 dogs. Rental includes 2500sqft indoors and private outdoor section. Please note, during COVID Phase 3, only 10 people allowed to sit/stand together with 6’ between groups. 

  • Outside food welcome (No outside drinks)

  • Easy bar access. Your guests may walk up, order drinks and start their own tabs. (alcoholic and non alcoholic options available)

  • Display bar included in rental (Great spot for food, favors and birthday cakes)

  • Décor allowed (no confetti or glitter please)

  • Jumbo 70" TV

  • Your guests pay the $12 drop in fee per dog upon check in, unless they are members. Humans joining without a dog pay no cover charge. We are 21+ so bring ID’s!

  • All standard Dogwood vaccine requirements and 1 year spay/neuter requirements in effect.

  • Weather isn’t an issue! You’ll have indoor and outdoor coverage for your event!