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Are vaccination records required? Yes, we require current Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella vaccinations before your dog can play (come prepared!) Please note, having Bordetella vaccination does not guarantee your dog won't get kennel cough, but helps increase their immunity to it. If your dog just got re-vaccinated they must wait 24 hours before coming. If it's your dogs first time getting a vaccination, they must wait 14 days before coming. Also, your dog must be on some form of flea prevention.
Ensuring vaccinations are current is your responsibility. Please email updates as they occur for continued entry to the Play Park.
What is the best way to send your dog's vaccination records? Email them BEFORE you come. They are required. We will review your records and send you a confirmation email letting you know if everything is good to go. Trust us, this is the fastest way! We hate turning away dogs that show up without current or complete vaccinations...but we have to be sticklers on this.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?  We require all dogs over age 1 to be fixed to use the Play Park. All Day Stay dogs must be fixed no matter their age.

Can we bring in outside food? Yes! But watch out for hamburglers.

What about shock or e-collars? Electronic, shock, bark and prong collars are not allowed. All dogs must be well socialized and within verbal control of their owner. Muzzles are also not allowed.

Can I come without a dog? Our space is designed for owners to exercise their dog(s) in a controlled environment.  We welcome guests without dogs if you're here for a drink, however, please remember to respect all Dogwood rules.

Does the staff watch out for my dog?  Crew members are available to help with situations that may be escalating or behaviors that may need addressing, however, we do not manage the dogs. Each owner is responsible for watching their own dog for safe play, cleaning up messes or markings and keeping barking to a minimum. If your dog is displaying any signs of aggression or escalating behaviors, we may ask you to take a time out or leave. If you notice concerning behaviors going unchecked, please notify a crew member. 
Can I bring my puppy? As long they are 4 months old and have all the required vaccinations. 

Can I bring my new rescue or foster pup?  We recommend waiting at least 3 months to bring your rescue dog to dog parks to allow time for bonding, trust building and to gain a greater understanding of your dog.  Owners must be able to manage their dog's behaviors and demonstrate full control in social settings. Foster dogs should not be brought to Dogwood.
What are the play park rules? Click here.
Do you have a small dog area? We have a 2000+ sqft "gentle dog area" for small dogs and large dogs that are super gentle. Please note, the gentle side may be closed for private events on Saturday or Sunday. Call ahead to see if we have a party booking if you plan to come on a weekend and only utilize the gentle side.  

Can small dogs go in the active play "active dog" area?
We recognize that some small dogs do very well with large dogs, so in many cases this is not a problem. However, if your small dog is barking excessively and/or showing signs of fear/aggression we will ask you to move out of the "active dog" area. 
What about barking? Barking must be controlled out of respect for our neighbors and to reduce tension levels. Excessive barking, even when playing, can escalate other dogs and quickly change the mood of the space. We understand that some dogs play in this manner, however, it can create stress for other dogs. Even if your dog barks when playing or chasing, you must be able to quiet them and demonstrate full control. As soon as one dog starts barking, many others follow...and the mood changes very quickly. In our confined space, this type of "barky" play is not allowed.
Do you allow kids? Sorry, no one under 21, including babies. We are a 21 and older establishment.
What's the parking situation? Good news! We leased the parking lot next door. We now have 25 spots available combined with the parking directly in front of Dogwood. Please note, the parking lot is locked nightly at closing. 

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