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Updated SPRING 2023 -We are now scheduling temperament tests for members only. If you are on the waitlist and haven't heard from us, please reach out.

Your dog needs some play while you work all day!


Day Stay, daycare services are offered MONDAY - FRIDAY.

Drop off between 7-9am and pick-up between 4-6pm. See requirements below.


8,000 sqft of FUN (and that's just indoors!)

We believe in a kennel free environment where dogs are allowed to make the space their own throughout the day while being supervised and entertained. We stick to a daily schedule, which includes: ball time, running laps and separation according to gentle or active play so every dog's needs are met. The dogs know what to expect when staying with us and we become a comfortable habit to them. We ask that your dog be fed prior to arriving at Dogwood. During Covid-19 we offer no contact drop-off and pick-up.

Day Stay is a day of playtime, chasing balls, jumping ramps and sprinkler fun! Break time means lounging on cots in a clean, kennel free space.


We only take 30 dogs per day for Day Stay, so reservations are required. All new dogs must pass an initial temperament test to join Day Stay. Temperament tests take about 15 minutes and need to be completed during "Play Park" hours at least one day prior to your dog's Day Stay visit.  

PLEASE NOTE - Although the dogs are constantly under our supervision, we expect them to understand cues from other dogs and maintain a safe level of play with guidance from our crew. High energy players that are consistently at a level ten may not be an ideal fit for our kennel-free environment. Often these dogs require controlled time outs and a full cool down before re-entering play to maintain safety. We LOVE active players, we just want it to stay safe and require that all dogs attending can listen to our cues and redirection. If you've got additional questions or you're wondering how your dog will do in our setting...hit us up and we'll give you honest feedback.     

Our crew posts daily pics of the dogs. Be sure to follow them

Email us about pupcake treat platter to share with all your Day Stay buddies on your birthday!
Day Stay Passes
New rates effective 1/15/23
1 dog household
$50/day rate

$144/3 visits

$322/7 visits

$800/20 visits 

2 dog household 

$78/day rate

$225/3 visits

$504/7 visits

$1360/20 visits


(Passes are valid for up to 1 year. Days do not need to be consecutive. Taxes not included.)

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