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Requirements to enter

  • Your dog must be well socialized and do well with all dogs

  • Written proof of current vaccinations is required for Rabies, Bordetella & DHPP

  • Flea Prevention (verbal confirmation is sufficient)

  • Dogs older than 1 year must be spayed or neutered for Play Park (open play)

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered to attend Day Stay (daycare)

Sending vaccination proof ahead of time is always best. Email your records before you come and we'll shoot you a message with an all clear if everything is current.

  • Dogs must be kept on leash on your way to the building and inside the check-in area. Once indoor and inside the gated areas they may be freed!

  • You must keep an eye on your dog and be in control of them at all times. It's tempting to let your dog play while you tune out BUT your dog is your responsibility. Keeping your eye on your dog will help keep them playing safe.

  • You must clean up after your dog. Let's be real, pee and poop happen. We just ask that you clean up after them so that everyone can play in a clean, stink-free environment. If anything gets messy, please grab a staff member (staff wear yellow leashes.) e're happy to come help.

  • Any fighting, biting, bleeding or excessive barking, even when playing means it's time to go. Dogs won't stop themselves so we need your help to keep them safe. There are some very easy things to watch for to make sure safe play is maintained. Check out this guide!

  • We are an indoor/outdoor environment that is designed for a consistent safe level of play. Excessive barking, even when playing, can escalate other dogs and quickly change the mood of the space. We understand that some dogs play in this manner, but for an indoor space, it can create stress for other dogs. Even if your dog barks when playing or chasing, you must be able to quiet them and demonstrate full control. As soon as one dog starts barking, many others follow...and the mood changes VERY quickly! In our confined space, this type of "barky" play is not allowed.

  • No outside toys or treats allowed in the off leash play area.

  • We offer beer, cider, wine, non-alcoholic drink options and snacks. You're welcome to bring your own food, at your own risk! Watch out for hamburglers!



Want to come visit? Here are a few things to keep in mind

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