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Is your dog a good fit for Dogwood Play Park?


1) Has your dog ever shown signs of aggression towards other dogs?

2) Has your dog ever shown signs of aggression towards humans?

3) Does your dog bark excessively, even when playing?

4) Does your dog have ball/toy possession/aggression issues?

5) Does your dog snap or nip at other dogs?

6) Has your dog ever bit another dog or human?


If you answered NO to questions 1-6 and your dog is up to date on the required vaccinations, come see sound like a great fit!


Questions 1-5) If you answered YES to one or more questions your dog may not be a good fit for Dogwood Play Park.


Question 6) If you answered YES, your dog will not be allowed at Dogwood Play Park.


We are an indoor/outdoor environment that is designed for a consistant safe level of play. Excessive barking, even when playing, can escalate other dogs and quickly change the mood of the space. We understand that some dogs play in this manner, but for an indoor space, it can create stress for other dogs.


Dogwood Play Park is designed for dogs that are ALREADY well socialized with other dogs/humans. It is NOT an environment to teach socialization to your adult dog. Puppies under 1 year are the exception and can learn to socialize in an environment with adult dogs that are already well socialized.

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