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Dogwood Rules

Watch your dog. Your dog is your responsibility.

Clean up after your dog. Always throw poop away in the outside trash to help minimize odors.

Encourage outside bathroom use.

All dogs must be on-leash up the walkway and in the entry area.

Staff is here to help ensure safe play. Please grab a crew member if you need assistance during your visit. We're here to help! Crew members wear yellow ropes, so you can easily find us.

Play must be balanced. Lots of give and take, both dogs are having fun.

Excessive barking means it's time to go, even play barking. Barking riles up pack behaviors and can quickly change the mood of the space. We want an enjoyable space for humans too.

No fighting, biting, pinning, collar grabbing, herding or dominance.

No mounting.

Wrestling - only two dogs allowed.

No high value or handing out of treats in the play areas. Discreet training and/or recall treats are allowed, as long as it's not causing an issue with other dogs.

No outside toys.

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